About The AgChem Industry

The AgChem Global market products are projected to grow in 17% (CAGR), which will reach $8.82 Billion by 2022. Our topics will be about regulations and new rules in the national and federal laws, as well as the importance of labeling and good management of pesticides and how can affect the industry. 

Today we are seen the impact that pesticides are having in multiple areas like water, crops, human health and collateral effects in long term. Our interest is to analyze the actual and new possibilities for bio pesticides and their efficacy. 

We organize this event to congregate the most important actors in the industry. Among those companies we find researchers, producers, import/export, retail distributors, end users, etc.

North America is the largest market share of bio pesticides. Reasons for high market share in North America are greater investments in research and development, well establish pest management and integrated crop management programs and increase in area allocated for organic cultivation. After North America it is followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. That is why it’s important to increase awareness about the benefits of bio pesticides among the cultivators and the rise in population is leading to the growth of the market in this region. The bio pesticides market in the Asia-Pacific region is projected to grow with investments from several multinational manufacturers.