Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference Workshop: Presented by Cardno ChemRisk

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshop: June 11th

Registration and Welcome

Registration and welcome for the Pre-Conference Workshop

  1. Introduction and Cardno ChemRisk overview

  2. Microbial contamination issues in the agricultural industry

    Antony D.G. Jones, PhD | Senior Managing Health Scientist of Cardno ChemRisk

    Microbial contamination has been a lasting challenge to the agricultural industry.  The FSMA was introduced to shift from responding to foodborne illnesses to preventing them.  We’ll review how FSMA has emphasized prevention, and assess how trends in outbreaks since the introduction of FSMA have changed.  New outbreaks typically lead to new challenges, those future challenges will be discussed including the role of whole genome sequencing and the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

  3. Networking Break

  4. Pesticide use and cancer risk

    Dr. Andrew Maier | Senior Managing Health Scientist of Cardno ChemRisk

    Cancer hazard classifications are published by several organizations for crop protection and other chemicals.  In many cases divergent agency assessment methods yield differing conclusions about the degree of concern related to human cancers. In addition, the relationship between hazard and risk is usually not made clear. The basis for differences among organizational assessments is highlighted using case studies. A strategy is presented for dissecting the differences and communicating the overall weight of evidence for risk-informed decisions.

  5. The use of disinfectants and sanitizers in agriculture: Peracetic acid and beyond

    Jason Lotter, MS, CIH | Senior Health Scientist of Cardno ChemRisk

    Disinfecting and sanitizing chemicals have become ubiquitous in many industries, including food processing, and are critical to ensure the safety and health of both workers and consumers. Despite the extent of their use, questions remain regarding the toxicology, sampling, exposure, and health effects associated with these chemicals. We will provide an overview of the various disinfecting and sanitizing chemicals, with a focus on peracetic acid (PAA), a chemical under increased focus by scientists and regulators. We will discuss the current state of the science of PAA and approaches to evaluate and manage risk.

  6. Q&A and concluding remarks