Online Event Information

AgChem Summit has transitioned to an online event for 2020!

We believe this is the best option to provide our attendees, speakers, and sponsors with the certainty
they need to plan their participation and maximize the value from the event in a safe and reliable way.

Rather than trying to replicate an online version of the live event, we will be making some changes
to the event schedule that enhance the attendee experience, and will leverage online tools that
maximize the value you can receive from the event to make the most of your participation.

Why Online Events Improve Your Operations:

With an online conference, you get the same thought-provoking sessions, unbeatable connection opportunities, and expert speakers as an on-site event. Plus, the event dashboard and app retains all of the event details, and puts connecting with other attendees at your fingertips.

  • Access proceedings after the event so you don't miss a thing!
  • Networking and building relationships during an online event is easy and rewarding! You won’t have to search the venue, hoping to run into that person you’re looking to connect with. Instead, you can reach out digitally via the app and/or virtual platform, so you won’t miss making those important connections. Connecting digitally also means you won’t be hunting down business cards, or trying to remember who you talked to and what the next steps were going to be. Everything is recorded in message format – making continuing conversations after the event seamless.
  • Accessibility: Attend this event from the comfort of your own home, without having to travel or disrupt your day-to-day! Plus, this format allows for easy global access. Meet with more people from around the world!
  • Flexibility: Multitask! While you are learning new skills that will better your business, you can also easily keep up on your daily work. Listen in while answering e-mails, or step away for a quick call with minimal disruption.
  • Cost Effective And Time-Saving: Save your time and money! You will have access to the same great content and benefits of an in-person event, without the extra travel cost. Network, get inspired, meet experts, ask questions, and hear insights that will make your business better!
  • Easy To Follow Along: Virtual events make it easy for attendees to take notes and follow along with instructors. Experts can easily share screens (with a font size you will easily see) and course materials! 

About The Online Platform:

The all-in-one Hubilo event platform engages the whole audience with interactive content. The platform features rooms for breakout sessions, a lounge for one-on-one meets, virtual booths, and unmatchable networking opportunities.

  • Easy-To-Use Dashboard: Hubilo provides an online dashboard with the video links, speaker information, the event agenda, session descriptions, event details, sponsors, and more all in one space; making the online event easy-to-use and manageable.
  • Easy links to keep track of and stream event sessions.
  • Breakout rooms: Rooms for breakout sessions and demos help build meaningful connections and ways to connect with attendees, speakers, and sponsors in various group sizes.
  • Lounge for One-on-one meetings: Re-create the in-person event experience with the networking lounge.
  • Networking and Learning: Maximize your engagement by joining in on live chats, the event feed, contests, and virtual meetings.
  • Sponsor or Exhibit: Without physical events, there are still numerous ways to effectively monetize a virtual event and incorporate sponsors. Utilize the virtual booths – a unique virtual space to market products and services, and to meet new leads.

Network With The Event App

The event app is available to attendees to encourage connection and discussion before, during, and after the training, and is downloadable for all Android and iOS devices.

App Features:

  • Easy access to the full agenda and session topics
  • List of attendees
  • Direct messaging feature to easily connect with other attendees
  • The ability to make posts and comment on other attendee’s posts via the app dashboard
  • Use the app as a virtual business card: Access your personal profile on the app to add in contact details, a photo, a bio, social media, and other information. No personal information will be displayed without your approval.
  • Easily access the speaker list
  • Meet Exhibitors and Sponsors
  • Get notified of event updates


Why aren’t you doing a live event?

Based on the current situation with COVID-19, we cannot guarantee that we can run the event safely and successfully in a live environment. The safety of our attendees is paramount to our planning. After consultation with many of our regular participants, we also think that uncertainty around corporate travel policies will have a detrimental effect on attendance. While a live event could be possible in the fall, we want to provide the comfort of certainty to our audience so that they can plan with confidence.

Why not just postpone to next year?

The purpose of the event is to provide a high level forum for industry leadership to share perspectives and make connections. We believe these original goals are still relevant and are more important now than ever as the industry navigates the current challenges, and so we want to provide a way to support the industry and enable attendees to accomplish their learning and networking goals in a safe way.

How will the online event be different than the in-person events?

We don’t think the usual event format will work in a virtual environment, and we aren’t going to try and replicate it. Instead we are going to leverage the benefits of digital by providing an interactive agenda of live sessions, pre-recorded content, and facilitated networking to enable attendees to choose the sessions that most suits their interests and availability. We are also utilizing an online event program that will make it easy to take advantage of unique, beneficial networking opportunities.

How can I network successfully at a virtual event?

We are working to design a range of facilitated and coordinated networking sessions, which will enable attendees to meet with their peers, discuss key topics, exchange opportunities, and find ways to collaborate. We will also have an event app to help attendees make connections. We have a range of sponsorship options to enable this, which we would be happy to discuss.

I don’t want to participate anymore. Can I cancel?

We understand that virtual events are different and it’s going to take time for everyone to get comfortable with them. We would like to explore ideas with you and demonstrate some of the capabilities we are developing before you make that decision. If, after we have shown you the options, you still want to cancel, you can either transfer your booking to next year’s event or apply for a refund