Exclusive Interview with Bob Kennedy of Vestaron

Bob Kennedy of Vestaron will speak during this session on a revolutionary spray that covers a broad range of crop destroying insects. Smithers Viscient recently spoke with Bob to hear his insights on the agchem industry and what he sees as the biggest challenges and opportunites facing the industry.  

Smithers Viscient: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the industry, when it comes to regulations for biologicals?

Bob Kennedy: From the perspective of an innovative company in the biopesticide space, international harmonization of requirements for low-risk biopesticides is incredibly important. This opens up larger markets quickly.

Smithers Viscient: What are some exciting innovations in the AgChem industry that affect regulations for biologicals?

Bob Kennedy: Bio-innoculants are an emerging and promising technology cluster that needs greater clarity around claims and regulatory requirements.

Smithers Viscient: Where do you think we will see the biggest change in the AgChem industry within the next few years?

Bob Kennedy: As with the pharmaceutical industry you will see a migration away from synthetic and the related natural secondary metabolites and towards microbials and protein based active ingredients. The Agchem industry is perhaps 10 years behind the pharma industry but the writing is clearly on the wall. The advantages are lower discovery costs, decreased late stage development attrition and much lower regulatory costs.

Smithers Viscient: What are you most looking forward to hearing at the AgChem Summit 2017?

Bob Kennedy: Roadmaps for regulatory paths for emerging technologies.