Exclusive Interview with Paul Reibach, Smithers Viscient

Smithers Viscient: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the industry, when it comes to regulations for biologicals?

Paul Reibach: Recent advances in the application of RNA interference as biopesticides may require harmonization of the existing biopesticide and GMO regulations.

Smithers Viscient: What are some exciting innovations in the AgChem industry that affect regulations for biologicals?

Paul Reibach: RNA interference and potential applications of CRISPR/CAS could dramatically change approaches to pest control and disease management. Regulatory authorities globally are already evaluating the impact of these technologies.

Smithers Viscient: Where do you think we will see the biggest change in the AgChem industry within the next few years?

Paul Reibach: The utilization of traditional pest control measures in conjunction with new biotechnologies will foster a new integrated pest management paradigm which is needed to fight ever increasing pesticide resistance.

Smithers Viscient: What are you most looking forward to hearing at the AgChem Summit 2017?

Paul Reibach: Meeting and listening to global leaders from industry, academia, and regulatory authorities who are advancing field of biologicals will be an exciting opportunity.