Exclusive Interview with Wendelyn Jones of DuPont Crop Protection

Dr. Wendelyn Jones of DuPont Crop will speak during the session on Experience and Opportunities.  Smithers Viscient recently spoke with Wendelyn to hear her insights on the agchem industry and what she sees as the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the industry.  

Smithers Viscient: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the industry, when it comes to regulations for biologicals?

Dr. Wendelyn Jones: Regulatory uncertainty is one of the major challenge for developers – from changing definitions to expanding study protocols; from evolving policies to increasing value chain interests. Successfully navigating this area means mastering both domestic and international regulations.  Regulatory authorities globally are already reviewing some of these products and policy makers are considering the impact of these innovations.

Smithers Viscient: Your presentation will cover Global Challenges in Regulation for Biopesticides –what are some of the greatest challenges you have seen when bringing a new product to the market?

Dr. Wendelyn Jones: With any new product, there are regulatory requirements which must be met.  These can be significant.  However, there are other areas.  Managing the cost of goods is one area.  Also, depending upon a specific product, grower adoption and consumer acceptance represent other areas to be addressed.

Smithers Viscient: What are some exciting innovations in the agchem industry that affect regulations for biologicals?

Dr. Wendelyn Jones: There are many new and emerging innovations which hold the promise to change approaches to pest control and disease management. Some of these innovations could truly disrupt the traditional approach.  Some will offer a new tool in resistance management.  

Smithers Viscient: Where do you think we will see the biggest change in the agchem industry within the next few years?

Dr. Wendelyn Jones: I see continued partnership and collaboration between industry, academia and regulatory authorities.  The world population is continuing to grow and the need for food is increasing.  This collaboration, whether public/private or otherwise, will assist in solving that challenge. 

Smithers Viscient: What are you most looking forward to hearing at the AgChem Summit 2017?

Dr. Wendelyn Jones: This is an exciting technology area and the meeting is an exciting opportunity to learn more. I am looking forward to meeting and learning from others.  


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