Dr. Sara Olson of Lux Research Shares Insights on the AgChem Industry

Recently, Smithers Viscient spoke with speaker and advisory board member, Dr. Sara Olson, Senior Analyst at Lux Research, Inc., about what she feels are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the agchem industry and what she is most looking forward to at the AgChem Summit. 

Smithers Viscient: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the industry, when it comes to regulations for biologicals?

Sara Olson: Regulatory uncertainty is a major challenge for biologicals developers. Lack of transparency from regulators building approval protocols and policies leaves developers vulnerable to significant risk, and often discourages innovation in the space.

Smithers ViscientWhat are some exciting innovations in the AgChem industry that affect regulations for biologicals?

Sara Olson: RNA interference approaches that target individual pests with non-toxic modes of action are promising innovation spaces in that they should face reduced regulatory pressures compared to synthetic pesticides and other biologicals with toxic modes of action.

Smithers ViscientWhere do you think we will see the biggest change in the AgChem industry within the next few years?

Sara Olson: I believe the coming years will see developers focusing on scaling up biological production and expanding their regulatory approvals into multiple geographies. This will be critical to biologicals taking market share from conventional synthetics.

Smithers ViscientWhat are you most looking forward to hearing at the AgChem Summit 2017?

Sara Olson: I am keen to hear from speakers about their experiences in commercializing biologicals at scale, getting to global availability in terms of production quantity and regulatory approvals.

You will not want to miss Sara Olson's presentation on Innovation in Biologicals: Technology Highlights, on Day 2 of the conference.  Register today to hear Sara and other agchem industry experts and what is new in the industry.